Painting a Tallahassee apartment.

Are you considering a new coat of paint on your apartment walls in Tallahassee? Completing a painting project is not only satisfying – it can be a lot of fun, too. If you’re new to the painting process, this guide is for you. We’ve outlined all the best tips you’ll need to have a fun time with great end-results for your apartment painting.

Places to Buy

There are all sorts of great paint store options for apartments in Tallahassee. Here are the top picks throughout the region:


Best Colors for Your Apartment

Finding the best colors for your own apartment decorating is based on a few important considerations. Use this quick how-to breakdown to get a plan laid out for your own project:

Color Matching 101

Most people use a color wheel to help them match up colors that look and feel good together. The basics follow the warmth and coolness spectrum. You have warmer colors like red and orange on one side with their complements like blue and green on the other side. In the middle are neutral tones like black and white which can be used to lighten or darken your matching colors.

Match the Carpet/Floors

You can change the walls by choosing a different paint color to warm up or cool down a room. But there are some aspects you may not be able to change in your apartment. Depending on your floors or carpet, you’ll want to keep your paint colors matched up with a consistent style.

Match Your Furniture & Decor

Getting a new coat of paint should also reflect your apartment’s furnishings. You’ll want to pick a color scheme that also looks good with all your furniture. Use the color matching guide above to help coordinate color choices with both your furniture and your walls.

Match Your Tastes

Finally, you need to choose a color scheme that you’re happy to see every day. Ultimately the colors you pick should match your taste – and you should be happy with it!

Typical Costs

Costs can vary due to all sorts of factors: the size of your apartment, the quality of the paint you choose, the number of rooms you’re painting, etc. You’ll want to choose a high quality interior paint. It’s a good idea to research different paint brands beforehand. This guide from Consumer Reports is a great place to start and offers cost estimates. If necessary, you can stagger the painting project room-by-room to keep costs spread out over the course of a few weeks.

Painting Time-frame

Much like the costs, the time-frame can vary based on the size and scope of your painting. The true time-eating factor relates to getting your apartment ready for painting – clearing out furniture, putting painting tape on the wall seams, and other factors. You should expect to spend about a day or so of work per major room in your apartment.

Navigating Landlord Issues

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – you need to clear any big renovation project with your landlord first. Remember that even though you live there, your Tallahassee apartment technically belongs to your landlord. Most landlords will be happy that you want to make their property look better. But always remember to get the go-ahead first before you start.

Good luck and have a great painting project!

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