We all love our pets, but traveling with them can be difficult if you’re not prepared. Here are our top tips on traveling with your healthy furry friend.

Before Traveling

Before you leave on your vacation, there are a few things you’ll need to get in order to provide a great vacation experience for you and your pet.


Pet Friendly Establishments

The last thing you want is to book a trip and find out where you’re going is not pet-friendly. Save some time and hassle by checking out Go Pet Friendly. There, you can search for pet friendly places by city, state, category, and establishment name. Find a pet friendly place along the way? Share it with them!


Visit Your Vet

Not sure if your pet is up to traveling? Your vet will be able to answer all your questions about your pet’s health. Make sure you have current copies of your pet’s vaccination and medical records. Traveling Internationally? Your pet will need a passport. Pet passports differ with each country, so check out the list of requirements for your travels here. Your vet can also help provide you with the necessary documents to create a pet passport.


Dog at the veterinarianIdentification

Before you travel, make sure your pet’s collar fits well and has your information displayed clearly on it. The American Veterinary Medical Association also recommends having a travel I.D. on your pet’s collar that has your information and your accommodation’s contact information. This way, if your pet is lost, they have a better chance of being returned to you. Micro-chipping your pet might also be beneficial and should be discussed with your veterinarian.



Carriers and Crates

Visit your local pet store and find a crate or carrier appropriate for you animal. Your crate or carrier should be large enough for your pat to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around. Check airline restrictions to make sure your pet’s carrier meets all requirements. Look for the Guaranteed On-Board seal on your pet’s carrier like this one, for a smooth travel experience. To learn more about the Guaranteed On-Board program, please visit their website. After you buy the carrier, allow your pet to get used to it before traveling long distances. Put a familiar toy in the carrier, or spray it with catnip to entice your pet to explore and become comfortable with their new carrier.


During Travel

Always schedule rest stops for your dog on long trips. Not only will this prevent possible accidents, but it will also give your dog or cat a chance to stretch his or her legs and get fresh air. Make sure you have a good quality leash to prevent your pet from running away from you. On an airplane, look into TSA Fast Pass leash and harnesses to help make your security screenings and walks easier. Make sure to pack familiar toys and their bed to comfort your pet in a new environment. Having familiar things around may decrease anxiety in your pet.



Sometimes when you’re moving, having someone else move your pet is a better option, especially overseas. Get a free quote from Pet Travel Transport, and rest assured your pet is safe with them. Moving to Tallahassee? Check out this Pet Guide to Tallahassee to find everything you’ll need, including pet-friendly apartments!



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