Utility Bill Saving Tips!

Bills, Bills, Bills!


It seems like every time you pay one, another somehow magically appears to put a damper on your wallet.  When it comes to living in an apartment in Tallahassee you may have a host of various housing bills that come at you every month, wouldn’t it be nice to save some cash?  Water and electricity are modern-day necessities for many of us, but they can truly add up!  Here are a few tips to help keep your utility bill at a reasonable cost this season!


    • Set your thermostat fan switch to “AUTO” to conserve energy, as leaving it “ON” will result in the fan to continue to run.


    • Regularly replace or clean your air conditioner filters as needed.  Filters can easily clog and will block the flow of air and decrease efficiency.


    • Unplug chargers and other electronic devices when not in use.  Although you may not be utilizing it at the moment, power will continue to be supplied to the device.


    • Don’t overload your power strips!  Be certain to check safety ratings to ensure that your power strip is not used beyond its limits.


    • Purchasing new electronics for your apartment? Look for Energy-Star labeled devices as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and several other pollutants that result in savings via rates and energy usage.


    • If you note a leak in your apartment, be certain to bring attention to it ASAP as leaks result in increased water bills!


    • Keep your blinds, windows and curtains closed when possible to retain cool/heat.


What are your tips for saving big bucks on your utility bill?

Creating Roomie Bliss in Your Apartment!

Moving into your new college apartment?




Are you prepared for roommates?  Sure, if you plan to bunk with your friends from back home, perhaps the quirks of living with them will not be as surprising.  But what about bonding with roommates you never met prior to walking into your new home and seeing them unpacking in the bedroom next to you?

For many, the idea of living with roommates is exciting; for others, an anxiety attack waiting to happen.

So how do you prepare to meet your new roomies and bond for life?  

Check out our tips for creating a lasting bond with your new roomies!


Ask Questions! – Are they a night owl?  Do they like to have parties or lots of people over? Do they cook?  Clean?  Do they like to walk around in their underwear?  These are all important details to note upon meeting!


Understand that you don’t HAVE to be BFF with your roomie(s), but you should always be kind & cordial – Not every person that you meet is destined to become your lifelong bestie, even the great people that you share your living space with.  Not being best friends does not mean that you can’t have a wonderful living experience together!  Focus on being the best roomie possible while you’re at home. 🙂


If you do get along well, spend time with your roommate(s)! – Bonding time with your roomie is great for your relationship!  Whether it’s Netflix binge-watching at home or experiencing the city together, building that relationship with your roommate can make life so much sweeter!  Being friends with your roomie may allow better communication, understanding, and interactions in your home.


Decorate your common area space together – Don’t assume that seeing that you love hot pink and Marilyn Monroe that your roommate will.  If you can avoid buying new decor pieces for your common area spaces, do so.  You and your roomie(s) will all equally share that space, so be courteous and don’t assume that your life-size Drake poster belongs in the dining area.


Establish ground rules early on with healthy discussion – Will you all take turns washing dishes?  Do you plan on sharing your groceries or is it every man for himself? Talking this over sooner than later can possibly curb disagreements in the future, as you always want to be kind and courteous to your roommates.  Discuss creating a Roommate Contract that is kept where everyone can see it on a daily basis.


Discuss guests early on! – Yes, we covered asking questions previously as well as establishing ground rules, but when it comes to guests, issues may arise.  Being out on your own now, you may want to have guests over.  Although you may feel that you don’t need to tell your roommate, but give them a heads up and ask your guest to be courteous.  (Can you imagine bumping into a stranger digging through your fridge at midnight and it’s your roommate’s BF? Yikes!)


Respect your roomies’ space and personal items!Yes, that includes food.  Ever leave leftovers in the fridge, fantasize about them all day, only to return home and you see the empty container in the trash and a satisfied look on the face of someone else?  We have.  Don’t be that person, these are your not annoying siblings back at home.  Understand that your roommates’ food, bedroom, and personal belongings are all off-limits unless you have prior approval from them.  Borrowing clothes, even phone chargers, may be more intrusive to another than it is to ourselves, be mindful!


Clean up behind yourself and your guests! – This should go without saying right?  No matter how you like to keep your personal bedroom and bathroom, never assume that it’s acceptable to leave the common areas a mess.   It is unfair to have one roomie making a mess and the other has no choice but to clean up behind him/her.  This takes us back to asking your new roomie questions about their lifestyle.  Are you super neat and they consider themselves messy?  Establish guidelines regarding cleaning early on.   Since you love your apartment super clean and he/she is not as concerned about cleanliness but they’re a great cook, maybe the compromise is that you clean daily and they cook the meals!


Communicate! – If you’re having an issue with your roommates, don’t hold it in and expect for them to read your mind; speak up!  It’s quite possible that they are unaware of the issue, and if you bring it up nicely, you can have the opportunity to respectfully discuss them together.  There is nothing worse than beefing with your roomies or having tension in the apartment!  Skip that by working on great communication with your roomies that won’t have you scrambling to apologize for what you said down the line.


Compromise! – Communication without compromise is senseless!  Everything won’t always go your way or your roommate’s way, so understanding compromise is key when having roommates.  Taking the time to discuss the issues at hand, listening to all sides and coming to a conclusion that is best for ALL in the home is vital to the success of a happy living experience!



What are your tips for Roomie Bliss?


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5 Tips for A Smooth Move!

The time has come!


Many of you may be preparing to move out of your current college dorm/apartment and moving onto bigger and better places, congratulations!  We totally understand that moving is a pain in the butt, been there, done that.  Luckily, here in Tallahassee we have some amazing apartments that you can call home once you’re all unpacked and settled.

Once you’ve secured a moving truck or your buddy and his pick-up, searched high and low for cardboard boxes, and come to terms with the change, you’ve still got some ways to go.

Whether moving in or moving out, working smarter and not harder is always a goal!

Moving doesn’t always have to be a stress, so we’ve added 5 favorite tips for a smooth move to make this transition a breeze!

Check them out!




What are your tips for a smooth move?

Shopping for a new home can be difficult, let us help! Tell us what you want and we will show you the best communities in Tallahassee.

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Prepare Your Dog for the Summer Sun!

It’s summer!

Here in Florida, that means a lot of fun in the sun for many lucky people here in town, but what about your furry-friends?  Have you prepared your Pup for the Sun?

Here are a few tips to keep your dog cool this summer!

Avoid prolonged exposure to the pavement or hot sand –  Yes, we know you may want to get a jog in one morning downtown, or maybe you bring your pup out to the park for a day – be mindful of their paws!  Try to walk your dog when it’s cooler out, like earlier in the day or later in the evening to keep them cool.

Avoid strenuous exercise –  Usually take your dog along with you as you run?  Great!  During the heat, make those runs a little shorter, as the humidity can be harmful to them.  Opt for more fun exercise indoors if possible!

Dogs can get sunburn too!! – Crazy, right? Short haired dogs with lighter fur are more susceptible to sunburn, be certain to only use sunscreen formulated for dogs!

Keep your pup cool – Some dogs love pools and water just like we do!! If your buddy is one of those who loves to splash around and have fun, fill up a kiddie pool with some water or let them splash in the sprinklers! Can you say, pool day?!

Never, EVER leave your dog in a hot car! – This is a NO NO!  Temperatures in Tallahassee can reach over 90 degrees on any given day, never believe that your dog can stand such heat.  Doing this could result in fines and penalties as well, so be certain that wherever you go, your dog is safe in an air-conditioned location.

Enjoy your best summer yet with man’s BFF!

Summer Fun in Tallahassee!

Spring classes are out (for most of us) and the Sun is out!!  What to do in the Capital City?  Sure, laying around in your apartment binge-watching the latest shows on Netflix or scrolling through your IG timeline would be ideal, but where’s the adventure in that!?

So this Summer, we want you living your best life so we’ve gathered a few fun ideas on a budget!


Hop on your bike and enjoy an afternoon out on a guided trail thanks to this handy Tallahassee Bike Trail map!



Check out the latest Foodie Spots in Town!

We are loving this Tallahassee Best Eats Yelp Collection from Yelper, Brianna!

black archives


Soak up some culture at local museums like:

The Black Archives at FAMU

Museum of Florida History

Mission San Luis

Tallahassee Museum


Enjoy some of the beauty of nature at a local Park/Garden

Maclay Gardens 

Dorothy B. Oven Park


Go for a Swim at the FSU Reservation or enjoy any of the other many activities available!


Enjoy a picnic or relaxing day at Lake Ella



Stroll around Railroad Square and enjoy local arts & culture



What are your favorite summer activities or local spots to enjoy in Tallahassee?

Share your summer plans with us on social media!

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5 Reasons Why Off-Campus Housing is WAY Better Than Dorm Life!

Struggling trying to decide if this is your year to move off-campus?

Check out all of the benefits that moving to an off-campus apartment can offer you vs. a dorm room!

goals for 2019 (5)

Rental Apartment Decor 101 (That gets your deposit back!)

So you’ve signed your first lease and you’ve escaped the grasp of your parents’ hands! IT’S LIT! Adulting, here you come!  Now that you’re in your new place, what’s next?  Making your new spot your own!  I’m sure you’ve been eyeing apartment-inspo on Instagram or Pinterest for months, how to make all of that a reality? We’ve got some ideas for you!

Oh, but don’t forget! Renting comes with rules!  Don’t let the desire for a chalkboard painted wall cost you your security deposit!


Before we get into the decor ideas, let’s go over a few Don’ts of Apartment Decor while Renting!


Just a few Rental Apartment DO’S & DONTS!


  • READ YOUR LEASE!! – Your lease will detail all specifics regarding decorating, furniture, appliances and more. This is a legally binding contract and you can avoid a lot of frustration by reading in great detail.
  • Complete your Move-In Checklist and note any issues that were already present when you moved in. If you neglect to tell your front office of the issues, you may be held liable!
  • Don’t paint without written permission and be prepared to paint and/or prime over your artwork before you leave if you do!
  • Skip the wallpaper! Seems easy to apply but you risk leaving behind traces when you go to remove it
  • Clean up before you go! Leaving trash, food and other items can result in a trash-out/cleaning fee
  • Treat your furniture well if you’re in a furnished apartment! Replacing damaged furniture comes at a cost to you, so treat it like it was your mothers couch!
  • Keep your carpets in great condition! Carpet cleaning can be pricey, so be mindful of spills, tears and rips from humans or pets!


There are plenty of décor options for your new apartment that will allow you to live in style AND get your deposit back!


Check out these awesome tips!


Tips from a PRO!


Sarah Stewart, Project Coordinator and Design Manager of The Collier Companies


      • Use Command hooks to hang artwork.  They require no tools to install and remove cleanly from walls when it’s move-out time.  You can also use them to easily hang curtain rods and avoid making multiple holes in the wall!  The same brand also makes picture hanging strips, which are easier to use on framed artwork.


      • Place a multi-colored rug in high-traffic areas to avoid carpet staining. If you frequently have friends over to your place, the constant in and out can wear on your carpet.  Look for a rug in darker tones (avoiding white and cream colors) with a vibrant pattern to protect your carpet from staining.  The bolder the pattern the less you’ll notice stains!


      • Adding lamps to your apartment can be a great way to make them feel light and airy.  Target is a great resource for affordable and fun table or standing lamps.  Be sure to put in an LED bulb in cool white color temperature.  Daylight bulbs tend to have a bluish-hue and warm white bulbs lean toward yellow.  LED bulbs will help you save on your electric bill and chances are you won’t have to change them before you move out!


      • Make your space feel cozy by adding a tapestry.  Available in a plethora of colors, textures, and prints, tapestries are easy to hang with a few thumb tacks.  They also take up a good amount of blank-wall space for very few $$$.  Customize your bedroom or living room with a forest, beach scene, or inspirational quote!


      • Mirrors are your friend!  Mirrors add dimension and make a space feel larger.  Lean a floor-length one up against a wall or a smaller one on your dresser to open up your apartment and avoid damaging walls!


      • Storage can be a hurdle in apartment home living! Maximize your space by adding an over-the-door-shoe organizer to the back of your bathroom door to store all of your essentials. Need even more storage?  Add a hanging shoe self to your closet for extra drawer-like storage.



What are some things you have learned about decorating your rental apartment?  What are your favorite décor tips?

10 things to know when signing your first lease

10 things to know when signing your first lease

When we turn 18, we usually think of it as a gateway to our most epic adult life, ever.  For some of us, that means heading straight to college, some of us headed straight to work, and many are doing both.  The most common dream that most 18-year-olds have?  We are ready to race out of our parents’ homes the day the clock strikes twelve on our birthdays! To kick off our life of (eventually quite frightening) adulting, one of the first orders of business is finding a place to live.  It’s difficult being an adult still living under your parents’ roofs, so what do you do? Find your own place and sign the lease!

Luckily, in Tallahassee, there are plenty of housing options that would serve as awesome entries to adulthood.

Finding that place of your own comes with some things to know, check out our list of the Top 10 things to know when signing your first lease!



Read your lease in full! – Be certain that you know the who, what, when, where and whys of your new home

Ask questions about your lease prior to signing – When is rent due? When is rent late? Can I paint my apartment? Are pets allowed? If so, do I have to pay an extra fee?

A lease is a legally binding contract – “Breaking” a lease is not something required by landlords unless there are special conditions clearly listed in your lease.

Is your lease a BTB or JSL? – BTB = By the bed, you are only responsible for your portion of the rent – Joint Severely Liable/Conventional = Joint Split Lease, all in the unit are responsible for rent (Meaning, if your roommate doesn’t pay their rent, you could be liable!)

Are there fees to pay rent online? Are there late fees for rent?  When do those late fees begin?

Find out who to reach out to if you have maintenance issues or any other concerns. Is there a way to put in work orders online? Is there emergency maintenance?

Do you need a parking decal? When your friends visit, do they need to park in a visitors spot or need a decal?

How far is your new place from your campus or job? Is a free shuttle offered? Is a bus stop nearby?

When is your lease up? What steps should be taken upon move out to ensure that you receive your security deposit back in full?

Does your lease include utilities? Furniture? Rental Insurance? Pest Control?



Moving into your first place is a MAJOR step into adulting, but be sure that you are fully prepared for all that comes with your first apartment!  Your very first place will be something you remember forever, be sure to make it the best experience yet!


5 Reasons Why We Love Seminole Grand

Seminole Grand Apartments is one of the largest student housing communities in Tallahassee. Its proximity to Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College, make it a prime destination for students. Its 2, 3, and 4-bedroom floor-plans are a great place to call home. Here is five reasons why we here at Apartments in Tallahassee love Seminole Grand!

  1. Exercise Opportunities

Why pay money for an expensive gym when you can just walk downstairs? Seminole Grand features a 24-hour fitness room with cardio and yoga studio, two sand volleyball courts, two lighted tennis courts, and two basketball courts for residents and their guests to enjoy. Don’t feel like exercising? You can chill at their resort style pool with sundeck or hang out in the cabanas!


  1. Computer Lab

Because Seminole Grand’s main resident demographic is students, they offer everything a student would need to succeed. Three study rooms are available to residents at any time. They also offer a computer lab filled with Macs and PCs for residents to use. Seminole Grand offers free printing, copying, and faxing as well.


  1. Fully Furnished Option

When moving into a new apartment, the most dreaded thing is the furniture. Why buy or rent furniture when you can have your room furnished?  Seminole Grand offers this option to their residents at no additional cost! Call them today at 8520-383-7300 for more information! Their apartments also feature a full size washer and dryer, kitchen appliances, and a flat screen TV.


  1. 24-Hour Security

Crime is everywhere and knows no address. To combat any crime, Seminole Grand suggests all residents keep vehicles locked and valuables kept from sight. They also offer a 24-hour manned front gate and roaming courtesy officers at night for added security.


  1. 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

Just like any home, things are likely to break in an apartment. Sometimes whatever breaks needs to be addressed immediately. Seminole Grand has a 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance Hotline for situations just like that. At any time of night, service personnel will come to your apartment to fix any maintenance emergency you may have.


For more information about Seminole Grand, and to speak to a leasing specialist about floor-plan availability, please call 850-383-7300, or visit their page on our website! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat! Get connected and check out their current specials! Search smarter and live better with Apartments in Tallahassee.

5 Reasons Why We Love Avenue 29 Apartments

 Avenue 29 Apartments is one of the most serene and beautiful communities in Tallahassee!  Its proximity to local elementary and middle schools, make it a prime destination for graduate students and families. The 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom floor-plans are a great place to call home for you and your family!  Whether focusing on location, amenities or the community as a whole; we know that Avenue 29 will not leave you disappointed!


Here are just FIVE reasons why we here at Apartments in Tallahassee love Avenue 29!


Winner of The Tallahassee Democrat Award for Best Community 2018!


This award-winning community took home the prestigious award voted upon by the Tallahassee community!  One of the top communities here in the Capital, the recent renovations and upgrades have captured the attention and hearts of many Leon County citizens.  Paired with a wonderful office staff, Avenue 29 has much to boast about!


Appliances, Wifi & Cable Included


Along with upgrades and renovations to this community, each apartment includes your appliances, speedy WiFi and cable! No need to spend big bucks on a new washer/dryer, or traveling to the local laundromat to do your laundry. Each unit also includes a dishwasher and garbage disposal, along with a refrigerator and oven!  When you move in, no stress over missing your latest Netflix binge or cable favorites, because Avenue 29 has you covered!

Home to the largest pool in Tallahassee + Jacuzzi Spa!


A great way to end a stressful day is to relax away in the Jacuzzi Spa at Avenue 29!  Residents can also take advantage of their large pool and state of the art gym!  Florida is known for our scorching Spring and Summer days, the resort style pool at Avenue 29 is the perfect answer to that heat. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Florida weather on the beautiful sun deck just steps away from your front door.


Family, Professional and Pet Friendly


Tallahassee is known for being a booming college town, but we understand that not everyone wants to be among the college lifestyle and we understand!  While it is located four miles from Florida State University, seven miles from Tallahassee Community College, and five miles from FAMU, Avenue 29 is specially re-purposed for young professionals and families.  It is located less than a mile from Sealey Elementary School for PreK to Grade 5, two miles from Raa Middle School, and four miles from Leon High School.  You can also bring along your furry family members as well! 😉


You can learn more about the local schools at Leon County Schools website.


24-Hour Emergency Maintenance


Just like any home, issues may come about in an apartment; No stress!  Avenue 29 has a 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance Hotline for situations just like that.  At any time of night, service personnel will come to your apartment to fix any maintenance emergency you may have.



For more information about Avenue 29, and to speak to a leasing specialist about floorplan availability, please call 850-391-3030, or visit their website! You can also follow them on Facebook! Get connected and check out their current specials! Search smarter and live better with Apartments in Tallahassee.


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